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By clicking 'Accept&Submit', you submit and certify that all of the statements in this application are true and are made for the purpose of obtaining credit and you further acknowledge having read the company's Privacy Policy Notice (also displayed below). You authorize ENA Motors Inc. to (i) begin a credit investigation, including obtaining your consumer credit report; (ii) forward, or allow direct electronic access to your application to lenders, financial institutions, or other third parties in order to process your application; and (iii) contact you via phone, text, and email. We may obtain information about you as described in the Privacy Policy Notice, which we handle as stated on the Privacy Policy Notice. This does not apply to information obtained in a non-financial transaction.
通过点击“接受并提交”,您证明所提交的所有信息真实无误,并且所提供信息均是以获得信用为目的,您已经阅读过公司的隐私政策声明。您授权我们(诚信汽车)进行信贷调查,(i) 包括获取您的消费者信贷报告;(ii) 转发,或者允许直接电子访问您的贷款人,金融机构或者其他第三方,以便处理您的申请; (iii) 通过电话,短信息和邮件的方式跟您联系。我们可能获取有关您的信息(根据隐私政策声明中所述),并且按照隐私政策声明对待您的信息。这不适用于在非金融交易中获取的信息。

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